KGBX Women’s Show in Springfield

DSC_0028A big thank you to Nikki Waller and model Linda Fenner for a  great make-up demo and tips for women over 40 at the KGBX women’s show in Springfield, MO.  Paula, Janice and I manned our booth with help from Laura and James. DSC_0042 Attendees sampled Divine Skin Hydrator and then returned to buy some for themselves. Warm Love pumpkin masque, Tint Plus and Rough Love also found their way to many new homes. Also, thanks to Kelli Presley, Sara and all at Clear Channel for a successful show. We had a great time visiting with everyone. DSC_0036   -Val

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Ozarks Live!

Recently Valorie appeared on a local news program in Springfield, Missouri called Ozarks Live! She spoke about her company Albertini International and skin care products at length, including Divine Skin Hydrator, Rough Love Body Scrub, Warm Love Exfoliating Masque and Tint Plus makeup. What a wonderful television debut!

Check out the VIDEO at this link.

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Hot off the Presses!

Take a look at the great article about Valorie and her company, Albertini International, in the latest Springfield Business Journal. Word is definitely getting around about these fabulous new skin care products for women aged over 40.  Only 18 more days before Christmas, so check out our Christmas specials today!

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SHOP small!!!!!

Don’t forget – this Saturday, November 24, is Small Business Saturday. It’s the day to support small businesses, and I hope you’ll join me in doing a little shopping at my favorite locally-owned businesses. To kick off the exciting Holiday Season, Albertini International is offering some super specials to  help you stretch your dollars. Visit our “Specials” page to see what’s Naughty and Nice!


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Solving Your Winter Dry Skin Dilemma

Even though we have barely turned the heat on in our house, my skin is already objecting. My dear James is welcoming Jack Frost by lighting nice, cozy fires which is drying my skin even more, while simultaneously inducing annoying hot flashes. Of course he means well, but as outdoor temperatures go down and the air in our homes becomes drier, even more moisture is leeched from our skin. This problem is experienced to a greater degree by those of us over 40.  So, what’s the answer? Divine skin hydrator! Divine works to hold the moisture in your skin and relieves that dry, itchy feel. Give it a try after you shower in the morning – you won’t be disappointed. 

The other day a friend of mine who is a nurse asked me if she could apply Divine skin hydrator again during the day. She washes her hands and forearms a lot at work and is experiencing a lot of dryness. The answer is yes, with the caveat that you should be sure to dampen your skin first, and then apply a small amount of Divine for immediate relief.

Watch for our exciting Christmas specials coming soon! Hint: these gifts are “naughty” and “nice” at the same time!


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Missouri Launch Party

We recently held an exciting Launch Party in Springfield, Missouri and had a wonderful turnout. Everybody enjoyed fabulous food, drink and meeting other like-minded women who are learning to love Divine and other Albertini International products!

We want to thank everyone who purchased product that night. Albertini International is donating $100.00 to Ozark Food Harvest, a well-regarded local community program which does great work. Cindy Snow who works with the Food Harvest promises to put the money to good use! Also,  Kim Jolley donated $20 from the sale of her jewelry at the Launch Party to the charity as well – thanks, Kim!

Thank you again to all who attended – it is due to your support that AI is flourishing!


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It’s new and it’s here!!!

Hi, everybody! We had a long hot summer here in Missouri, and I know you are as ready for Fall as I am.  With this new season comes the launch of a new Albertini International product. Many of you have been asking us for a scrub for your face, something that really smooths and refreshes your skin. Our answer? Warm Love pumpkin exfoliating masque!

As we age, our skin’s cellular turnover slows w-a-a-a-y down, resulting in a rougher, dryer and congested texture. Perimenopause and menopause add in effects of dehydration, loss of elasticity and other not-so-fun issues. An efficient way to jump start and rejuvenate your skin is to exfoliate. Warm Love facial masque contains enzymatic fruit exfoliates papain and bromelain (papaya and pineapple) which work to effectively dissolve and exfoliate dead skin cells.  The warming effect of the masque and the unique properties of pumpkin enzymes (exfoliation and promoting new cell regeneration), combine with a lovely fragrance to make this new product one you are sure to love!

Those of you who have already enjoyed using our Rough Love body scrub will want to be among the first to try our Warm Love pumpkin exfoliating masque. We are offering an awesome introductory special – check out our Specials page to check it out. I can’t wait to hear what you have to say about the newest member of our product line, Warm Love!

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Facebook Contest Winners Announced

Thank you to everyone who entered our Facebook Contest – we had a great response!

Congratulations to our winners! Kathy Hill Trazzera, of Media, PA, was the winner of the Fabulous Skin Trio, and Eileen Shotwell from Wilmington, DE took home the Fabulous Foot Trio prize. Cathy Hunter, hailing from Springfield, MO, posted the most times and will receive our Rough Love Scrub.

Again, thanks to everyone for spreading the word about Albertini International’s fabulous new products!

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New Product Coming….

Hi everyone! Recently I had a question from one of my clients:

Hi Val –
Annoying skin problem- clogged pores on the nose. My skin is no longer oily but large pores remain. Any thought to something for the face- kind of like the Rough Love for the body? Congratulations on your new line- you are old enough to know and young enough to care!
Love ya,

Thanks for your question, Tina!  Many of us who had oily skin when we were younger experience this. Even though your skin is no longer oily, your pore size doesn’t get smaller. As we age the slower rate of exfoliation results in dead skin build-up that actually exaggerates the pore size, in addition to the pore “sagging” a little. Regular use of an exfoliating masque or scrub will definitely help, along with an occasional professional facial. In the fall, Albertini International will be launching a new masque you might like, with pumpkin enzymes.

Hope this new product will help those of you who are having the same issue as Tina. Don’t forget to enter our Facebook Simply Divine Contest where you can enter to win fabulous Albertini International products! Hope your summer is off to a great start!

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Check out our Facebook Contest!

Hi everyone! Thanks for coming back to my Skinny on Skin Blog!

I wanted to let you know about the contest we are hosting on Facebook! We are offering a Fabulous Foot Package that contains a Divine Skin Hydrator, a foot file (for those callouses) and a Rough Love Body Scrub, perfect for reviving dry summer feet. You can also win a Fabulous Skin Package which includes a Divine Sky Hydrator, Rough Love Body Scrub, and a Tint Plus Tinted Moisturizer.

The drawing is on the 4th of July – head on over to our Facebook page to Share and Win!

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