How to be a Redhead

How to Be a Redhead

 Warm Love Pumpkin Exfoliating Facial Mask in the “Redhead Friendly Approved” October Box! 

How to be Redhead co-founders Adrienne and Stephanie Vendette created How to Be a Redhead  to celebrate a redheads beauty . 

Their goal is empowering every redhead to feel confident, to look amazing and to rock their beauty.  Red hair is more than a color, it’s a lifestyle!

This pumpkin, papaya and pineapple mask gently (important for redheads) exfoliates dead skin cell.

Warm Love moisturizes and smooths

“Even though I am a redhead by choice not nature, I love the colors and products Stephanie and Adrienne include in their box, their message very uplifting.”Valorie Albertini

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  1. Sassy Tammy
    Sassy Tammy says:

    I am asked for my opinion on the products in the box and the “warm love” pumpkin exfoliator is one of my redhead fave products right now. It helps my skin to glow by stimulating the blood flow for soft, young skin that glows! Hope to use more of it soon!


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