Common Sense Skin Care

Tip #1 Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate!

Get rid of those dead skin cells whether it’s your body, face or feet. Removing dead skin cells allows everything you apply to your skin to work more effectively.

Tip #2 Taking Care of your Tootsies!

Gently use a foot file on calluses. Over doing can make your feet sore. Use a good gritty scrub (not lotion with little bits of scrub) rub all over feet then follow-up with hydration. Apply Divine Skin Hydrator while feet are wet. Put on socks and your ready for bed. (Feet can be slippery so be careful)

Tip #3 Better Body!

Yes, your legs can look better no matter what your age. Improving texture make’s your legs ready for summer. First, get the old dead skin cells off. Get that scrub you use on your feet (we like Rough Love Body Scrub). Concentrate on ankles and knees where the dry, dead skin cells like to build up. Rinse and hydrate while wet.  

* If you use self tanner this also allows it to go on more evenly.

Tip #4 Exfoliate or not to Exfoliate your face?

Important fact: exfoliating the dead skin cells smooths skin’s surface, evens skin tone, and promotes new cell growth. It also makes the skin more sun sensitive. So be cautious. There many ways to exfoliate gently with low level glycolic acid and fruit enzymes to more aggressive peels and dermabrasion.

Tip# 5 Regular Exfoliation = Better Skin!

Consistent but gentle, low percentage of glycolic acid used regularly is one choice. Natural enzymes work to digest the dead skin cells. Pumpkin enzymes not only gobble up dead cells but also improve texture. Combine that with papaya (papain enzyme) and pineapple (bromalin) for a very effective but gentle exfoliation.

Tip #6 Commonsense and Sunscreen

There are two types of sunscreen ingredients. One type is physical (zinc oxide, titanium dioxide). They are the white creams lifeguards wore on their noses and this works like putting on a shirt. The other type works in your skin absorbing the sun’s rays. There is a long list of these and they don’t feel as sticky when applied. A few of these may cause sensitivity. Many sunscreen products are a combination of both types of these ingredients. So use common sense and find the one you like. Re-apply often if you are at the shore (the beach for those of you not from the east coast). If you are in the office use a good 15-20 SPF on your face, add more where needed.