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Skinny on Skin Tips for All Seasons

10 Tips to Better Skin

  1. Get moving!

Better circulation equals better skin. Get out in the beautiful spring weather. Plant flowers or better yet veggies Walk around your yard or better yet walk around the block. Poor circulation leaves your skin dull, dry and compromises its barrier function that moisturizes and protects us. It can be complicated by diabetes and other medical conditions.


  1. Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate!

Getting rid of those dead skin cells whether it’s your body, face or feet is important. Removing dead skin cells allows everything you apply to your skin to work more effectively. This means applying anything to your skin like moisturizer, foundation, sunscreen, etc. will be applied better and evenly when your skin has been exfoliated.


  1. Commonsense and Sunscreen

There are two types of sunscreen ingredients. One type is physical (zinc oxide, titanium dioxide). They are the white creams lifeguards wore on their noses and this works like putting on a shirt. The other type works in your skin absorbing the sun’s rays. There is a long list of these and they don’t feel as sticky when applied, a few of these may cause sensitivity. Many sunscreen products are a combination of both types of these ingredients. So use common sense and find the one you like. Re-apply often if you are at the shore (the beach for those of you not from the east coast). If you are in the office use a good 15-20 SPF on your face, add more where needed.


  1. Taking Care of your Tootsies!

Get the old dead skin cells off… Gently use a foot file on calluses. Over doing it can make your feet sore. Use a good gritty scrub, we like Rough Love Body Scrub (not lotion with little bits of scrub) rub all over feet then follow-up with hydration. Apply Divine Skin Hydrator while feet are wet. Put on socks and you’re ready for bed. (Feet can be slippery so be careful)

  1. Better Body!

Yes, your legs can look better no matter what your age. Improving the skin’s texture gets your legs ready for summer, because your largest beach accessory is your skin. For Fabulous legs and smooth arms exfoliate then hydrate. Get the dull winter skin off with a gritty scrub not a wimpy one that’s all lotion and no grit. Hydrate with unscented Divine Skin Hydrator. This dries clean and holds moisture in your skin for 24 hours for a polished skin. This also evens your skin’s porosity creating an even surface for self-tanners.


  1. Regular Exfoliation = Better Skin!

Even in the summer, exfoliation is important but it makes the skin more sun sensitive. So be cautious. Exfoliation can range from aggressive a’ la peels and dermabrasion, to ineffective scrubs. New combinations of fruit enzymes; pumpkin, papaya and pineapple can effectively gobble up dead skin cells leaving the skin smooth and can be used on a regular basis. Whether you are fifteen or fifty, consistently exfoliating leads to better clearer skin. Warm Love pumpkin exfoliating mask contain these three enzymes and a moisturizer.


  1. Is your medication causing dark spots on your skin?

Pigmentation is fueled by sun exposure and many medications make skin more sun sensitive with long term implications. For example many birth control pills can cause dark pigmentation that looks like age spots and miasma (mothers mask). Many young women end up with dark mustaches no one warned them about from sun exposure and birth control; read the fine print.


  1. Dehydrated Skin

Dehydrated skin in the summer is different than the winter. In the winter the dry air and heat leaches moisture from our skin. In the summer the sun, pool and beach contribute to dryness and sensitivity, (think how your skin feels after a day at the beach). To remedy this you need to hold the water in your skin, I recommend products that are applied to wet skin, with vitamin B5 and sodium pca. These 2 components are part of the Natural Moisture Factor which exist in your skin’s barrier to hold in moisture. Shea butter is also soothing and avoid fragrance whenever possible.


  1. Guide to self-tanner

Self-tanning is equally about application and a great product. You wouldn’t try to get a great tan all in one day at the beach – self-tanning also works best done gradually. Apply for 3- 4 days in a row to build your tan. Start a week before you want to have that glow!

  • Exfoliate – start with as even a surface as possible by using a scrub all over, concentrating on feet, ankles, and elbows.
  • Even application – we have all had self- tanners take too dark on dry areas of our skin. To avoid this, apply Divine Skin Hydrator after your shower, and then apply Ageless Sun self-tanner. Using Divine before applying yourself tanner helps Ageless sun absorb more evenly.
  • Take your time – begin with small amounts of Ageless Sun self-tanner by applying to a small area of your skin. Many times streaking occurs due to applying a small amount of product over a large area. Once you have a nice tan, you can expect it to need refreshing in about a week.


  1. Fresh Face

Fresh skin and a new shade of lipstick are a great start to summer. It doesn’t matter if you are 25 or50, it’s hard not to smile when you find a shade of lipstick that is just right. There are two hot shades this season one, soft taupe/pink and the other a bold red. Try one you might like it. Start with a multifunctional foundation (moisturizer, sunscreen and foundation) These BB/CC crèmes save time and create a beautiful finish. I like Tintplus it has a little more foundation than most.