Your skin is dry, so you scratch, or you resist the scratching and sit there in misery. Either option is not good! If you scratch, you can get ugly welts or even damage your skin to the point where you have to seek medical help. If you don’t scratch, you go CRAZY! There has to be a better solution!

Divine skin hydrator is that solution! When you finish your daily shower (never take a hot shower as this just makes your dry skin problem worse!), pat your skin gently with a towel. Then apply a small amount of Divine skin hydrator to the areas of your body which are dry (watch a video here). Your skin should feel smoother and softer immediately! Daily use results have shown significant changes within a week. Each person’s skin is different, so results will vary. Remember, always apply Divine skin hydrator to damp skin. Divine helps lock the moisture in your skin, helping to restore your skin’s Natural Moisture Factor. Dry skin problems will become a distant memory for you as your skin becomes softer and more supple.



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