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Girlfriends are your Tribe!

We want to hear about your tribe, so tell us about your Girls weekend!

“when you find people who not only tolerate your quirks but celebrate them with glad cries of “ME, too!” be sure to cherish them because they are your tribe”, Sweatpants and Coffee

“girls weekend with old friends isn’t just a vacation, it’s a reality check with the people who know you the best”,Angie Frederickson, Huffington Post

“the universe must have known that we were perfect complements … they are still our dearest friends” , Angie Frerickson, Huffington Post

Our tribe of 16″the Wild Women “as we’ve been dubbed, have been celebrating our girls weekend for 29 years, on the third weekend in July every year.And most of our tribe have been together since high school and some since grade school. We have made the commitment to each other to hit the pause button on our lives, etc. to share 3 to 4 days or more some years to laugh, cry, and laugh some more!

Valorie and I have been fortunate to have an amazing tribe of women for the past 40 plus years that we call true friends! Here’s what we like to know about your girlfriends group:

  1. send us a picture of your tribe/girlfriend group
  2. tell us about how your girls group and how you got started
  3. how many years has your group been together
  4. where and when do you meet (same place every year, just for dinner, etc.)


We will gather all your stories and pick two 2 of our favorites. The winners will receive a gift bag full of goodies for your group to share.

Send us an email about your girls weekend.

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Submit your Girlfriends stories by July 4, 2018.