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Supporting Our Military

MILLIEis an online community and digital marketplace that connects members of the military and their families with specialized knowledge and trusted resource providers to remove the stress and anxiety of PCSing. Check out MILLIE’s Installation and Neighborhood Guides, our network of Veteran and military spouse Realtors, and Scout, our on-demand task service composed of military spouses.


Albertini International is proud to partner with Millie in supporting our Military families!

Millie’s Sponsor Spotlight-Albertini International


As business owners and citizens, we benefit directly, every day, by living in a great country and free society that is protected and defended by our military. The least we can do is to provide them some support. Whether we donate time, products, or just share a cup of coffee with a service member, we hope that in some way we can show our gratitude. And we hope that, in some small way, we can make a difference in their lives. The stresses military families and personnel face as they deploy, relocate their families, and move away from dear friends can affect many aspects of life – even down to one’s skin.

So, during those stressful times, we suggest individuals find some “ME” time and pamper their skin with our Albertini Skin Products! It might be that little thing at the end of a tough day that will make your skin feel good and ready for the challenges of tomorrow!



Support our Military!

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